About Photobombers

Photobombers are all about being funny.

Chances are that you’ve thrown the “bunny-ears” upon an unsuspecting friend or family member when posing for a picture. If you have, congratulations – YOU ARE A PHOTOBOMBER!

Being a photobomber appears to be a universally human trait. As humans, we seem to be genetically predisposed to act up whenever a camera comes out. At photobombers.com, we show funny pictures of photobombers from all over the world. Most people restrain themselves and behave accordingly during picture taking, but true photobombers like to have a bit of fun with the situation and take advantage of the opportunity to photobomb unususpecting photographers. Everyone does it or knows someone who has.

At photobombers.com, we’re sharing every funny photobomber picture we can find, and hope to bring smiles and laughter to people everywhere.

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